Love for our Latest Beard Oil The Dandy Gent

Love for our Latest Beard Oil

The Dandy Gent has added yet another delicious fragrance to its collection - one that is sure to be a winner for gents with love on their mind. 

'Love Potion' beard oil was launched as a perfect gift for Valentine's Day last month - and is proving an absolute winner!

Like all eleven beard oils handmade by The Dandy Gent, the ingredients are 100% natural with scents designed to offer a subtle scent that get you noticed.

"We have eleven fragrances now, including a pomegranate blend, Italian Leather, Sorrento Lemon, Lime and Patchouli, Sandalwood and the traditionalists favourite - Bay Rum." Said Shane O'Shaughnessy, founder and owner of The Dany Gent.

"Love Potion is proving a popular rival to our bestselling blend, Rose & Tobacco, which fly off the shelves of our three barbershops." He continued.

This latest scent was named because of its rich, dark and fruitily seductive qualities. Once suggested the team of gents and ladies wholeheartedly agreed it fit the bill nicely.

The Derby-based manufactory is run by Shane's wife, Sherri O'Shaughnessy, who lovingly hand-makes, bottles, wraps and ships the full portfolio of grooming products that are made for the most discerning of gents.


Love Potion Beard Oil Art Poster


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